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"... in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him." (Col 3:17)
Leeward church of Christ
near Honolulu, Hawaii, on the island of Oahu
E KOMO MAI – "Welcome and Come In"


 We are a group of Christians who meet together in Waipahu, Hawaii (island of Oahu) for the purpose of worshipping God, edifying and strengthening ourselves, and helping others to come to a better knowledge of the Bible. We are striving to serve God to the best of or ability and according to His revealed will. Our goal is to be pleasing to Him in our lives now, and to live eternally with Him in heaven hereafter.

Our worship is simple, and based entirely on what is taught in the New Testament about how the first century Christians worshipped God. Our singing, which is congregational and a cappella, consists of hymns of praise to God and of teaching for Christians (Col. 3:16). There will be a sermon or lesson taught for the instruction, inspiration and admonition of the hearers (Acts 20:7). The congregation is usually led in prayer several times in every service by one of our men (1 Tim. 2:8). On Sunday, or the "Lord's day," we commune with Christ in the observance of the Lord's supper to commemorate His death on the cross, and we also take up a contribution from the members to finance our work (1 Cor. 16:1,2). In this way the first century Christians worshipped God, and this is all we do in our worship.

The Bible is our only source of religious authority, the only creed we have, the only basis for our teaching, and is all we would encourage anyone to accept and follow. Not only in our worship, but also in our organization, in our work, in the names we wear and in what we teach, we strive to be as much like the church as revealed in the New Testament as it is possible for us to be. It is our desire to exalt Christ (Col. 1:18) by upholding His word as the only true and living way (John 14:6).

We are a spiritual organization, which is all a church was ever supposed to be. We do not offer programs of social reform; our benevolent work is limited; and we offer no recreation and entertainment at all. The gospel is our only message; the truth our only commodity. We exist to serve a world of people who are lost and dying in sin. We have nothing to sell; everything we offer is FREE to all. We do not desire to have those we might be able to help to feel any obligation to us. We only want to serve.


 Christianity, we believe, is a religious of love and service. Loving and serving God involve loving, caring about and serving others also, and doing so brings joy to real Christians. We care about you, and want to be of service to you in any way we can.

Genuine care for one another builds warmth and closeness. It involves an interest in the welfare of souls and the longterm spiritual welfare of those around us. In caring, it is not our desire to impose ourselves on anyone, but to make ourselves available to be of whatever help we can be to those who may need and desire our help.

Caring reflects itself in helping others to come to a knowledge of the truth as it is revealed in the Bible by teaching them and by exemplifying that truth in our lives. If we seek to help you in this way it is only because we care for you.

We do care about you, and we earnestly seek to aid you in your quest for peace and security in this life and eternal salvation in the life to come and by exemplifying that truth in our lives.


 My name is Anthony Genton, and I have been working with the Leeward congregation since October 2007. My wife, Robynne, and I live at 94-1283-A Henokea Street Waipahu, just a few blocks from where the church meets. I do not use the title “Reverend” nor am I referred to as the “Pastor” of the congregation, and happy when I am addressed simply as “Anthony.”

I sincerely appreciate it when people in the audience pay close attention to my lessons, and I encourage all to check the references cited in their own Bible (Acts 17:11), and to take notes during the lesson for private study later. Outline copies of my lessons are usually available for the asking and on our website.

We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God (2 Tim. 3:16,17). Our purpose in every sermon or Bible class lesson is to teach Biblical principles and exhort hearers to fulfill their God-given responsibilities. I try to teach as simply and plainly as I can so you and others in the audience can come to a better understanding of God’s word and be motivated to follow it more closely. I want to help people know and understand what the Bible teaches, to encourage them to live by it, to instill in them a hope for eternal life and to help them prepare for the judgment (2 Cor. 5:10).

If you would like to ask me questions about what I have taught or what you have observed during your visit with us, or to study some Bible subject with me, I would be happy to give you an opportunity to do so. Please let me know.

At the end of our service I usually stand at the front door to meet and greet all who have attended the service, and am always happy to try to grant any request that is made of me.


 Bible classes are conducted for adults in our auditorium on Sunday mornings at 9 o’clock and on Wednesday evenings at 7:00. The Bible is our text for study, but lesson sheets with comments and questions are usually handed out to all present. The classes are taught in an informal way, allowing anyone present to make whatever comments they feel are appro­priate to the study and to ask any questions they might have. We always appreciate having visitors who come to study with us in these classes, and we are careful not to embarrass those who come to study with us.

On both Sunday mornings at 9 o’clock and Wednes­day evenings at 7 o’clock we also conduct classes for children in different age groups. Simple Bible stories are taught and applied, songs are sung, and hand work is usually provided.

At the 9 o’clock hour on Sunday mornings there is also a Bible class taught in the Ilokano dialect for our Filipino members and visitors. Prayer and a short song service using songs in the Ilokano dialect are included in this hour of study. Ernest Bautista is the teacher for this class.


 Family values are under attack in modern society, and many children are growing up in broken, divided and unhappy homes. We believe that one of our im­portant responsibilities is to restore family values by teaching those Biblical principles that deal with hus­band/father, wife/mother, and parent/children re­lationships. Our sermons and Bible class lessons often deal with family topics and home responsibilities.

The whole family's worshipping God and studying together is an important contribution to a happier home and to instilling love, consideration for others, respect for authority, the work ethic, etc. to family members. Associating with other spiritually and morally strong families reinforces and encourages these values.

The local congregation is really just an extended family, made up of people – men, women and children – who love and care for one another just like members of a family do. We are always happy when fellow Christians decide to become members of our family.


 Perhaps you would like to know something about the work and goals of this congregation, and we are happy to provide you with some information along that line.

First, we want to provide a place where men, women and children can come together in quietness and peace to worship God in a truly spiritual way (John 4:23,24). We want to provide them with an opportunity to worship in exactly the same way as did the early Christians and for the same purposes – to praise God and to be inspired and edified.

Second, we want to help guide people in the way of truth and righteousness (Jere. 10:23); to help them keep their lives unspotted from the world (James 1:27); to encourage them to be kind and helpful to others (Rom. 12:10); to encourage them when they stumble and fall (1 Thess. 5:14); and to keep them ever mindful that this world is only a temporary abode (Heb. 9:27).

we want to help as many people as we can to come to a better understanding of the Bible, and to this end we seek opportunities to study it with others whenever we can. We conduct studies in the homes of any who are interested in studying the Bible with us in that way. We offer correspondence Bible courses for studying the Bible by mail, and we send out a variety of tracts and other printed material to as many as we can.

Fourth, we want to share the gospel with people throughout the world in whatever way we can to the limit of our capabilities. The world is lost and dying in sin, and we want to reach as many souls as we can with the life-giving word of God that they might be saved. God is not willing that any should perish (2 Pet. 3:9), nor are we. The Lord desires all men to come to the knowledge of the truth so they may be saved (1 Tim. 2:4), and so do we.

And, fifth, we conduct various training programs and special series of gospel meetings from time to time in an effort to accomplish our own edification, and to offer the gospel to the public at large.

We believe all of our activities and work are limited by what the New Testament teaches a local congregation should be and do as exemplified by what the first century congregations did (Col. 3:17). We know we cannot solve all of the world’s social, civil, political and economic problems, but we know we have the means to solve the spiritual problems of every man, woman and child alive today; that is, by the preaching of the gospel (Matt. 16:26).


We realize that people do not get out to “go to church” as often as they once did, and so we are willing to come to the homes of those who are interested in studying with us. Some of us can come at almost any reasonable time of the day or evening to study with a person in the privacy of his home. No study would last much longer than an hour, unless a person would desire to continue it longer. We would come each week for five of six weeks, unless, again, there is an interest in continuing the study for a longer period of time. We can study with someone in his living room, or maybe around the kitchen table, and, always, in an informal way. Those with whom we study will always be given an opportunity to ask questions and make comments on the lesson. And, of course, we are happy to have friends or neighbors join the study. We might have an “open Bible” study, using the Bible as our text along with an outline or questions. Or, we have a set of five video lessons with colorful art work and diagrams that tell the Bible story from creation to the end of time. God’s plan for saving men from sin is plainly set forth. Each lesson takes about forty-five minutes to watch, with questions and study for a few minutes afterward. This series of lessons is especially helpful for those who are not too familiar with the Bible, but it is also interesting for those who are. We have a six-lesson DVD course of study that we would be happy to send to anyone that would like to have us do so. It can be used on most computers and DVD players. We also have several Bible correspondence courses that we would be willing to send to you for your use in studying the Bible at home. There is no charge, and we will take care of the postage for sending the lessons back and forth. This is an ideal way to study the Bible for one who is busy, and finds it difficult to keep a regular schedule as required for a home Bible class. We keep on hand a large selection of tracts and booklets on a variety of Bible subjects. If you will let us know what topic you would like to study, we will try to send you a tract or booklet on that subject at no charge to you. Please feel free to ask us for it. All of our Bible study opportunities are absolutely free to those with whom we are studying. There will be no charges to anyone for anything, and we do not wish for you to feel obligated in any way by accepting one of these opportunities.
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